Texas Rock House

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How We Got Here...

One-of-a-Kind Farmhouse

Our family’s roots run deep in the sweet Texas Hill Country soil. When my grandparents moved to San Marcos, TX in the early 1940s, they needed a home. Grandpa built them a unique one. Having seven children (my mom was the youngest), the most important factor was lots of room! However, lumber was expensive. So, instead of building up, grandpa built down.

The Farmhouse has one of the very few basements in Texas. Grandma & Grandpa also liked to travel. Through those travels, they collected many distinctive pieces of stone.

These stones, which have been collected from 37 states, are what cover the entire house. With one exception. Grandpa bought a large piece of limestone that he carved into the shape of Texas.He set it in the middle of the fireplace - facing the road. Hence, the Texas Rock House was born.

Texas Rock House Rustic Barn

1940s Rustic Barn

Grandpa was a farmer. He used to farm hundreds of acres of land and had many farm animals. For a working farm, a huge barn was a necessity.

When Grandpa stopped farming, my daddy converted the big barn into his welding shop. He spent many years creating his metal masterpieces in the barn - long enough for my boys to grow up "working" with Granddad. When Daddy retired, the barn sat empty for years until it was time for me to get married.

This is when I decided it would be perfect as a wedding barn. So, we got to work. We cleaned out decades worth of old farm implements, welding tools - and I don't know how many empty beer cans! What can I say, my daddy was 100% German.

The wedding barn came to life and in September of 2018, my husband and I were married - the very first event ever held at TRH.

Groom's Cottage

The Groom’s Cottage

While the beautiful bride and her entourage of bridesmaids get ready in the one-of-a-kind Texas Rock House, the groom, and his best guys will take advantage of the new Groom’s Cottage, equipped with a lounge area, bar, TV, Xbox, shower, toilet, and refrigerator.

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