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It is easy to think that a simple wedding may not be as glamorous or magical as a more grand wedding.

A Unique Experience
It is easy to think that a simple wedding may not be as glamorous or magical as a more grand wedding. Yet, nothing can be more further than the truth, for even a simple wedding can just like any big wedding, as long as the ‘right ingredients’ are there. From music and games to the food and a wonderful Wimberley, TX wedding venue, your simple wedding can still give the best experience as any other. And we at Texas Rock House can prove that by providing you with different facilities for your simply perfect Wimberley, TX wedding venue. From a 1940s-style rustic barn to a rock farmhouse, you can give yourself and your guests a unique experience out of a seemingly simple wedding. As people say, don’t let appearances fool you, and so you should not discount our great Wimberley, TX wedding venue. For a quick look at our Wimberley, TX wedding venue facilities, see here.

Intimacy in Simplicity
One can easily argue the advantages of throwing a grand wedding - varied menus, guests from every corner of the country, and a large space to host a reception. Yet, there are a few reasons to go for an intimate wedding instead. First, an intimate wedding usually calls for a small Wimberley, TX wedding venue, so you and your guests can interact easily. Second, as a wedding is all about celebrating the union of loved ones, an intimate wedding means more quality time with close friends and family. Third, an intimate wedding in a simple or rustic Wimberley, TX wedding venue means you can focus on the look and feel of your wedding. And lastly, intimate weddings are more budget-friendly. At Texas Rock House, we can give you one more advantage - you can just show up. Just tell us the details of your wedding, such as your budget and themes, and we can handle the rest. Our rustic Wimberley, TX wedding venue may not be grand, but it will be yours.

Your Wimberley, TX Wedding Venue
Our Wimberley, TX wedding venue will be at your disposal once the details have been ironed out. Contact us right away! Let’s turn our locations into your wedding wonderland.

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